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Hydropothecary packaging and labelling update

By April 17, 2019, all medical cannabis must adhere to the same packaging requirements as adult-use cannabis, as set out in the Cannabis Regulations. Find out more.

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Ready to Consume Activated Marijuana Powder

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Lift Canadian Cannabis Awards 2018

Award Winning Product

Decarb lift award

We are proud to introduce Decarb fine milled medical marijuana, designed for oral consumption.

Decarb gives you more flexibility when it comes to consuming your medicine and provides an alternative to smoking, vaping and oils. Using a proprietary drying method and exacting scientific standards, we decarboxylate (decarb) the cannabis, which activates the cannabinoids (THC and CBD). After a fine milling process, the resulting product has the consistency of flour. When used with our CannaCap capsule product and capsule maker1, you now have the option of consuming cannabis the same way you would any other pill -- easily, discreetly, without having to smoke or vaporize it. Decarb comes in 3 different products, all ready for consumption: High THC, 1:1 and High CBD.

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2 to 3 hours suggested waiting time before consuming more after initial dose

In comparison to inhaled cannabis, ingested cannabis has a slower onset. For this reason, it is recommended to wait approximately 2 to 3 hours before consuming more after the initial dose.

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Up to 0.5g per capsule

When fully packed, each capsule can hold up to 0.5g of cannabis. In terms of dosing, it is recommended to start 'low and go slow'.

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Decarb is flexible enough to offer the option of sprinkling the powder onto food and into drinks

The decarb product is fully activated (decarboxylated), meaning the THC and CBD are ready to consume without heating so it can be sprinkled onto food, into drinks or directly consumed.

Hydropothecary Decarb Milled High THC Medical Marijuana Jar

Decarb THC

Ready to Consume Activated Marijuana Powder

$59.70 10g

Decarb THC Activated Powder is a versatile and ready-to-use hybrid flower blend, ideal for oral consumption or adding to food. Using our proprietary method, the pre-milled flower is decarboxylated at the optimal temperature, ensuring that the cannabinoids are activated to their highest potential. This product is not intended for dry vaping or smoking.

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THC % 10-21*
CBD % 0-1*
Format: 10g
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*While every effort is made to ensure consistency of product, cannabinoid percentages will vary slightly with each lot. For the most up to date cannabinoid percentages, please log in to our online store.

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