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We are currently experiencing shipping delays due to an increase in volume of medical orders. As a result, orders may take from one to three business days to be delivered. We are committed to providing you with the quality, award-winning Canadian medical cannabis products you have come to expect. We thank you for your patience and trust in Hydropothecary by HEXO Corp as we continue to work with fervor to produce and deliver products to our medical clients. If you have any questions or concerns, please call 1-844-406-1852.

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Equivalency factors

This means in terms of THC that the equivalency factors for Hydropothecary 'Elixir' Cannabis Oil to other Hydropothecary brands would be:

Dried cannabis THC %* CBD %* Cannabis Oil THC mg/ml* CBD mg/ml* Equivalency factor
Bedtime 25-28mg/ml 0-1mg/ml Elixir THC Peppermint 25 0 10ml = 1g

Please note that the Equivalency Factor is simply a way for us to determine how much cannabis oil (in millilitres) we can sell you based on your daily dosage of dried cannabis (in grams), as required by Health Canada. It is in no way a reflection of how much cannabis we use to make the oil.

*While every effort is made to ensure consistency of product, cannabinoid percentages/amounts will vary slightly with each lot. For the most up to date cannabinoid percentages/amounts, please log in to our online store.

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